4 Indices of a Failing Marriage

4 Indices of a Failing Marriage

Every marriage will experience its own struggles and hardships. Determining whether your marriage has to be healed is crucial, though. It is common to put off addressing your spouse’s issues in the hopes that they will eventually go away. However, it is imperative that you address any issues that your marriage has as they arise.

This blog will outline typical indications of a failing marriage to help you see the signs that you and your partner might want outside assistance.


You not being able to express yourself or have a sense of individuality is one indicator of a failed marriage. In a marriage, you should be able to openly discuss your opinions on many topics while also being able to consider your spouse’s point of view. If your partner frequently disregards your perspective, they are not seeing you as an equal, and that is a problem.

By restricting your daily access to certain things, your spouse may be managing you in another way. This may include having access to certain people, financial information, or even their domestic help. By declining to watch the children while you have birthday dinner, for instance, your spouse can be denying you the opportunity to maintain friendships.


Overly harsh criticism is another indication of a failing marriage. Your spouse should be your strongest motivator and supporter throughout your entire life. They shouldn’t be the ones giving you self-confidence or self-doubt issues.

If it is applied properly, criticism can be beneficial. It might be a method for your marriage to advance and change. It can also be harmful if you are criticizing your partner’s actions or speaking to them out of shame.

When you are going to criticize your partner, it is crucial to keep your attention on your own sentiments. Instead of saying, “It really irritates me when you play video games with your friends and don’t pay attention to me,” Try concentrating on how the action makes you feel instead. “When we don’t make time for each other, I feel so unloved.”


Lack of intimacy might signify a variety of factors. Most individuals initially associate a lack of intimacy in a marriage with a lack of sexual activity, although this is not the only possible cause. It may not involve holding hands, hugging, or saying goodbye with a kiss. Physical closeness can also take different forms. It could also be emotionally impersonal. This might be the case if you and your partner no longer enjoy spending time together, engaging in intellectual conversation, or experiencing a decline in spiritual intimacy.


The existence of secrets in your marriage may be an indication that it needs to be repaired. Secrets may put obstacles and distance between you and your partner. You need to comprehend the reasons behind any secrets you are holding from your spouse. Are you concerned about their possible reaction? With the facts you are withholding from them, do you not trust them? Do you realize that what you’re doing is wrong?


You’ve come to the right place if you think there are pieces of your marriage that need to be fixed. Our trained therapists at New Vision Counseling and Consulting will assist you and your spouse in regaining a sense of wholeness. The best course of action would be to call us at (405) 921-7776 to find out more about how we can assist you.

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