This may sound familiar to you. Your chest feels so tight that you can hardly breathe, and you are so anxious that you are unable to control your rushing thoughts. You find it impossible to carry out your everyday activities, you are beyond worn out, and you believe that no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to stop riding the emotional roller coaster of anxiety, sadness, and fury. Relationships, your career, and LIFE all feel so overwhelming that you’re not sure how much longer you can take it. And no matter how much guidance you receive, how many books you read, or how many Netflix series you binge watch, you simply cannot escape it. Can you identify?

I have wonderful news if you answered yes. true aid and true hope are available. You don’t have to endure these problems and deal with them by yourself. We know we can help you in real and transformative ways, and we are here for you.

Our staff of caring therapists at New Vision Counseling and Consulting is extensively trained in the most cutting-edge and effective therapy methods currently accessible. In order to meet you where you are, we blend the most effective counseling techniques with a Christian worldview.

We get to know the true you when you enter, not just the one you present to the outside world. We can design a plan that is suited to your particular needs and goals because we take the time to get to know the real you. You are encouraged to be who you truly are in this setting, perhaps for the first time ever. When the true self emerges, you will be able to receive the assistance you so much need.

Perhaps you’re wondering how we might assist. Based on your needs, each of our therapists use a variety of strong and efficient methods. Here are just a few illustrations of how we apply it.

Utilizing EMDR is one method for treating anxiety brought on by trauma. Even if it might be the cause of your anxiety, your mind and body both have the capacity to store trauma. You can frequently quickly relieve the pain of the trauma from your mind and body when we employ EMDR. With EMDR, we have witnessed incredible healing and often begin to see improvements after just two sessions.

The therapy known as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is another extremely effective treatment with a wide range of uses. CBT is a type of talk therapy that assists you in addressing issues by altering your thoughts and behaviors. This is beneficial for a variety of aspects of life, including anxiety, despair, and rage.

By assisting you in getting to know yourself so that you may lead yourself, we can also be of assistance. We assist you in becoming more conscious of how you are triggered and how anxiety affects your mind, body, and soul. Additionally, increased alternatives and power to alter your anxiety-related experiences come along with knowledge. We assist you in rewiring your negative neural connections and reframing them to be more positive. We do this in therapy so that you can lessen your anxiety when it is happening at the moments when you are experiencing it.

These are only a few of the methods in which we can assist you in overcoming your worries and anxiety. You and your needs determine how we can assist you. Instead of just listening from a chair, we’ll join you in telling your tale. When you ask for our assistance, we will fight for your best interests. When you visit New Vision Counseling and Consulting, your therapist will be there to encourage, support, and invite you to become the best version of yourself.

We can assist you if you found this useful and are looking for fresh, potent methods to lessen or get rid of worry. If you need assistance with anxiety or any other issue, please click the button or give us a call at (405) 921-7776. We are eager to meet you soon!

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