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Daniel K. Edwards, II – Licensed Marital and Family therapist

Daniel no longer works at New Vision Counseling but we have many amazing counselors that would love to join you in your journey of healing and hope today!


I get it, you’ve tried all of the self-help books, looked online, searched Facebook, and even went to a counselor to get answers to no avail. It is easier to believe you are worthless, unworthy, not good enough, but dry bones can live again. You need help. Help that understands and connects with you, that learns the “little things” about your family, relationships, and specific problems. Someone who will be honest and real, but still maintains a level of compassion that keeps you feeling safe, heard, and valued.

By investing in yourself and in counseling, together we will create the life you have only dreamed of. You will face challenges along the way, but others before you overcame the adversity you face. Together we seek solutions specific to you and your experiences, because not every relationship, challenge, battle, or problem is equal. Often in my work with couples and individuals we build on little successes, chaining them together until they make an anchor that grounds us to the freedom and purpose God has for our lives.

Let me tell you a little about myself now. I am a Licensed Marital and Family Therapist, and have the privilege and honor to work with some of the coolest couples I have ever met. The reason I became a counselor is because counseling helped and continues to help me. I know what it feels like when your whole world is collapsing in around you. However, I am better now and you can be too. One of my biggest fears when I searched for a counselor was in regards to confidentiality. The United States Navy taught me a level of Confidentiality that meant you protect your countries secrets at all costs, which may mean your life. I utilize the same principles in counseling working with individuals, couples, and families. My BA in History from Central Washington University taught me that looking at the past does not allow one to predict the future, but it helps to understand how we got where we are. By the time I completed my formal training, with a Master of Science in Behavioral Health Studies with emphasis on counseling from Cameron University, I had a basic idea of how couples and families work. Truth be told, the place that taught me the most was during the two years of supervision, from former clients while completing all of the requirements for Licensure with the Oklahoma Board of Behavioral Health Licensure. I know that having the right counselor is almost as important as the counseling. If you feel as though I am not the right counselor, I will help you find someone who is. I continue to develop relationships with other counselors that I refer to, and treating each referral as if I were referring one of my own family members.

I am ready to help you find the life you deserve. One final note, my father taught me many lessons and wisdom before he went home with the Lord, one such lesson speaks to me and I think it may speak to you. He said: “Son, from time to time everyone needs help, you have to know when to ask for it.” Help, relief, freedom is available for you.


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