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Executive Counseling

Why Executive Counseling?

In working with many executives and doctors over the years, Shawn has developed a highly effective counseling process that is unique to busy professionals. His Executive Counseling Program creates a safe place for executives to vent and talk about their pressing work problems.

This is particularly the case for those who are isolated in their organizational hierarchy and feel pressed into a role that belies their true feelings. Outwardly they have to be a model for the company, but inwardly, they could be seething at injustices, unethical behaviour and consequences from emotionally immature people that they have to work with. Spouses and friends seldom understand the complex processes of the management task, and probably do not have the expertise to advise the right course of action.

Sharing anxieties or concerns with colleagues or subordinates however, can be fatal for career development within the organization. It has been Shawn’s experience (and in other well documented research) that unless properly addressed, the results of this stress can accumulate and lead to devastating consequences with physical and mental complications, as well as strain on marriages and other relationships.

Having a safe place to go to is crucial as it can be seen as weak by others in the organization, to receive counseling. Company human resource departments and Employee Assistance Programs offering counseling are often ruled out for fear of personal information being leaked out of the organization. Shawn will work with you in finding a method of contact that works best for your comfort and with your schedule. This could include one or all of the following: on-site counseling, phone counseling, web counseling via Skype, or off-site counseling.

Call Shawn to go over your specific goals and needs. Currently seeing residents of Oklahoma City, Edmond and Mustang, OK.

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