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Shawn Maguire, LPC

Shawn received his undergraduate degree in psychology from Flaggler College in St. Augustine, Florida. He then went on to receive two masters degrees from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His first is in Marriage and Family Therapy and his second master’s degree is in Christian Counseling.

In addition to being a prominent relationship therapist, Shawn has also developed expertise in many other areas relating to individual freedom from depression, OCD, anger, anxiety and more. He has been trained in EMDR, NLP, and CBT (to name a few) and uses these techniques under the umbrella of a Christian worldview. He integrates his skills in a way that offers a highly personalized approach that is tailored to each client.

Outside of the office Shawn enjoys spending time with his family, anything outdoors, and fishing.

Ben Thompson, LMFT

Ben is a Licensed Marital and Family Therapist. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible and Ministry at Oklahoma Christian University and his Master’s degree in counseling at the Harding School of Theology in Memphis, TN. Ben’s foundational verse for counseling comes from Romans 12:2 which says, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” He helps individuals, couples, and families defeat the patterns that are holding them back from experiencing life, relationships, and God to the fullest.

Ben works with couples who are committed to their relationship and want to learn how to love, respect, and enjoy each other at a greater level. He helps couples find what behaviors are holding them back from the marriage they want, and then works with them to reclaim the marriage they dreamed of. He also works with men and women seeking to grow personally, relationally, and spiritually. He is not afraid to challenge his client’s perceptions and limiting beliefs while using humor and empathy to help create change.

When Ben is not at work, he is spending his time with his wife of 15 years and his daughters. He enjoys life to the fullest, and makes whatever pancake shapes his daughters request.

Caleb McKean, LPC

Caleb McKean draws from tools related to Cognitive-Behavioral and Family Systems approaches in his counseling, with his ultimate goal being to help facilitate a deeper intimacy with God. These approaches help Caleb to understand how our thought patterns, beliefs and behaviors are very much connected. Caleb has seen true growth for his clients when these patterns are discovered and healing can begin. Caleb enjoys working with individual clients of a variety of ages, along with couples and families as well.
Caleb completed his Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health at Denver Seminary in Littleton, Colorado. He also achieved a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with minors in both Psychology and Vocational Ministry while attending Oklahoma Christian University in Edmond, Oklahoma. He is currently a Nationally Board Certified, Licensed Professional Counselor.

He has experience with many areas; including: spiritual crisis, recovery from adultery, anger management, crisis with domestic violence and suicide, grief and loss, anxiety and depression.

In his free time, Caleb enjoys creating new recipes in the kitchen, working with his hands on his motorcycle or car, and also spending quality time with his family and friends.

Dana Wright, LPC

I have 30 years of experience helping families and children. I believe that communication is an essential element to all healthy relationships. I will help lead you to the kind of communication that allows you to reach out and express relational needs in a healthy way – communication that allows you to be giving, loving, and forgiving. Communication that allows us to turn towards one another. All relationships – marriage, friends, work, children, and parents – can be overwhelming or discouraging. I will help you develop relationships that will bring you great joy. I believe that the best teacher is experience. I have been married for 31 years and have worked with my spouse to forge a relationship that brings us both great comfort and great joy. We have learned to labor through the lows and to be thankful through the highs.

I have a broad range of experience from the public school classroom, to a private practice office to the clinical setting of a mental health facility. I am confident and motivated in working with depression, anxiety, couples and individual counseling, young adults trying to find their way, and children experiencing trauma or difficulty. In my office, you will find a place of respect and consideration in a calm and direct environment. To heal, change is needed and change takes courage. You have the courage to change as evidenced by your presence here. You will not do it alone. I am here to provide a plan for healing that is focused on the evidence-based practices of Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Relational EMDR and infused with sound scripture.

Life would be much different if we all felt as amazing as God made us. If we confidently and joyfully stood on His promises, healing and forgiveness would be a natural and joyful part of our everyday. This way of life can be accomplished with diligent determination that is presented through the hard work of counseling and therapy. I am resolved to walk by your side as you navigate a world that allows you to walk confidently and joyfully in His healing.

The Holy Bible is full of confidence building words like “steadfastness” and “endurance.” 1 Corinthians 15:58 and Luke 21:19 give one the assurance that His word allows us to remain planted firmly at our post – no matter what comes our way. Endurance builds one’s determination to keep moving toward a desired goal regardless of the obstacles that have been placed in the path. I will help you overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from your best self, your best relationships, and your most confident life.

My family is my center and my lessons in grace. My time away from the office is best spent with my husband, my sons, my daughter-in-law, and our precious, treasured grandsons. I love to laugh, for it is good for the soul, and my grandsons, aged four and two, provide ample opportunity for laughter. They are a big part of the reason I now call Oklahoma home. I have three sisters and a mom that are my best friends, and when we are together laughter is always present. I love the warmth of the summer season and the hot, hot sun. If it’s not 80 degrees outside, I think it’s too cold. The beach, a boat on the lake, or a sunny patio are my happy places. I enjoy being outside in the summer weather – playing in the backyard with my sweet boys, pleading with my summer tomatoes to be fruitful and plenty, or sitting in my favorite swing on the patio.

Misty Tafao

Misty Tafao has years of counseling experience in various capacities, and has developed an understanding of the importance of a holistic approach to living a balanced life. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one approach that she uses to help you achieve this balance. She has a passion for assisting people to develop into who they were created to be individually, and within their family dynamics.

Misty is a veteran of the U.S. Army and the spouse of an active-duty soldier, which gives her the ability to understand the challenges that arise within the military lifestyle. She is also a Certified SYMBIS facilitator and able to assist engaged couples through the process of learning about themselves and their partner as they prepare for marriage.

She received her Masters from the University of Central Oklahoma in Substance Abuse Studies and her Bachelors from Wayland Baptist University in Human Services with a minor in Psychological Studies. She is a Licensed Alcohol and Drug/Mental Health Counselor (LADC/MH) Candidate.

In her free time, she loves to travel, eat, read, spend time with her husband and four children, as well as find new ways to create a healthy and wholesome lifestyle for her family.

Kathy Gissler

Everyone goes through struggles in life, even Christians. Some struggles are due to life circumstances that are out of our control, like death, illness, tragedy, or the actions of others. Some struggles are because of mistakes we have made, and some struggles are just part of living. John says, “I have told you these things that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome this world.” John 16:33. I love that He doesn’t leave us with the assurance of trouble, but gives us hope for the future. That's what Christian counseling is about: looking honestly at our life and the struggles we go through, and then working toward a better future with our faith intact and Christ at the center.

Sometimes, as believers, we can be afraid of counseling. We wonder if the therapist will say things, or ask us to do things that are not consistent with our faith. When we choose a Christian counselor, I think we get the best of both worlds. We get a certified, licensed counselor with the education to be able to counsel well, along with a solid Christian foundation. When I’m working with Christians, I will often use scripture during our sessions to support positive life change, and will gladly pray with my clients during our time together.

I have been a committed Christian for a long time, and work to honor God in every area of my life both personally and professionally. I love working with other believers, helping them to work through their personal concerns, and leaning on their faith in the process. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Oklahoma and Texas, and am also a Nationally Certified Counselor. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in education from Illinois State University, and a Master’s Degree in Human Development Counseling from the University of Illinois at Springfield. If you think that Christian counseling may be for you, I encourage you to reach out and make an appointment.

Gina Helms

Are you tired of feeling stuck in your life, your relationships, and emotional turmoil? Are you tired of waking up with the same problems day after day? Do you wish you had real answers to life’s most difficult questions? Take heart. There is hope.

As a professional I have helped countless individuals walk through some of life's toughest challenges. I believe that no situation is hopeless, and no individual is helpless. Using the best psychological evidenced-based theories along with the wisdom of Scriptures, I partner with my clients to get the root of their pain and design a personalized plan for greater health, wholeness, and joy.

I have seen multitudes of marriages completely restored, depression defeated, and anxiety eliminated.You are no exception! God has a plan and a purpose for your life. You do not have to continue to suffer alone. My goal is to offer you a safe place where you feel accepted and valued on your journey. Don’t wait any longer to find real help and live the life you have dreamed of. Reach out today and get started on a new path to real living.

Donnulette Dulaney

Let’s face it; we live in a feel-good society obsessed with finding happiness. However, on a daily basis we are presented with some difficult situations that can be quite painful to process. Perhaps at some point you learned that feelings were unsafe. Maybe you were taught that expressing sadness, anxiety, and anger, are not natural responses. After all, a mature, healthy person would not have any problems with making meaning of life events and managing their emotions, right? The truth is, pain and suffering is a natural part of our human experience. It is normal to feel an array of emotions. As uncomfortable as these emotions may feel, they are common and are experienced by many people. Join me in this partnership on the path to self-discovery.

As a Christian, I believe in the power of God’s healing. My use of faith-based principles and psychology techniques promotes transformation that improves your knowledge of the Bible and strengthens your connection with God. I incorporate a variety of counseling methods, materials, tools, resources, and psychological techniques, including prayer, scripture, affirmation, bible study, and self-evaluation to help you overcome behavior and thought processes that are inconsistent and incompatible with biblical teachings.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. I earned a Master’s of Science in Counseling from Mid-America Christian University and have worked extensively with adults with behavior health issues. For the past two years, I have worked as a therapist on a multi-disciplinary team at a certified behavioral health clinic helping adults struggling with depression, anxiety, grief in a non-judgmental and compassionate manner. Essential to my approach is the establishment of safety and trust in the counseling relationship. I place a great deal of emphasis on honesty and a willingness to work together toward your identified goals. I use a strength-based and solution-focused approach that leaves you stronger and more equipped to win in your relationships and life.

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