Motherhood- what they don’t tell you

Motherhood- what they don’t tell you

The notion that motherhood is an unalloyed blessing is a pervasive one. However, it often comes to light that this perception doesn’t perfectly mirror the reality when one steps into the role personally.

Given the widespread belief that parenthood is universally joyful, being filled with comforting cuddles and sound sleep (since newborns are commonly thought to do nothing but sleep), it’s no surprise that reality can be somewhat jarring. Conventional wisdom says that toddlers are obedient little beings, ending their phrases with respectful terms like ‘yes ma’am’, ‘no ma’am’, but is it always so?

The truth is far from it. Instead, you find yourself perpetually drained, emotionally and physically. If you’re not being constantly pestered by a little one pulling at your clothing or persistently calling your name as you try to prepare a meal, you’re likely attending to another little soul who is reaching out for your care and attention. Coupled with the incessant noise from crying, screaming, and bickering, it’s quite an overwhelming scenario. And the mess? Let’s not even broach that topic. Simply put, if you were a stickler for cleanliness pre-motherhood, brace yourself for a heightened anxiety level or train yourself to let go of this obsession.

It’s certainly no surprise that many mothers across the globe are already at their wit’s end by 6:15 a.m. The pressure and exhaustion of motherhood can set in as early as ten minutes into the day. And somehow, despite our own depleted energies, we are expected to extend kindness and empathy to uplift our families. But, how can we possibly fulfill this when our personal energy reservoirs are running dry?

It’s undeniably disheartening when our ideals of motherhood and the stark daily realities of raising children don’t align. Moreover, when at day’s end you’ve reached the point of initiating rest, only to discover that sleep will be fleeting and broken, it can be devastating. Especially knowing that the meager sleep will have to be enough to fuel you for another challenging day ahead.

Know this: you are not alone in this ordeal.

As mothers, we are often plunged into this crucial role with bare minimum or even practically no training, yet we are expected not just to stay afloat, but to flourish. All this while we are still recovering from the physical and mental toll of childbirth, and adjusting to a drastically different life, stripped of the freedoms we once had.

Realize that it is perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed and defeated at times. It doesn’t make you a bad mother or a less kind-hearted person. The role you’re playing is incredibly challenging and chances are, you’re doing far better than you give yourself credit for. Go easy on yourself, and cherish this thought: Before you were formed in your mother’s womb, God knew you, and before your child was formed in your womb, He knew them too. He had appointed YOU specifically as your child’s caretaker.

If you, or someone you care for, is finding motherhood daunting, turn to us at New Vision Counseling and Consulting. Our empathetic therapists are here to assist you in maneuvering through this crucial phase of life where days might seem eternally long, but years astonishingly short. We strive to provide a refuge where you can freely express your vulnerabilities and receive effective care. Feel free to reach us at (405) 921-7776 to explore how we can best support and uplift you.

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