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Things are weird, and it is not easy to admit that you need help right now.

Things have been crazy. Life and plans you made are now up in the air. Nothing is set in stone, and life seems out of your control.

You want to feel normal. You want to feel like your old self again. You want to feel connected to yourself, people you’re close to, and feel excited about the future. You want to have hope.

These are really weird times. You have been feeling like you just want to feel better, you hate to admit that you aren’t feeling like yourself no matter what you do. You want to see a counselor, but you want someone that you feel like will actually understand your hardships and helps you truly feel better. You might feel like there is no hope, because the world seems shut down. But there is hope. You are able to have hope in your life without ever having left your home.

Online Therapy Can Help You Feel Better

You’ve been told that it’s so important to take care of yourself, but it feels hard to do. Especially when you may not feel like you have time, especially in these times. But, because of technology through Online Counseling, it is easier than ever to get help through telehealth. Our telehealth is easy, effective online therapy that allows you to talk to a counselor in a secure way.

Online Therapy is Simple

Online Counseling in OKC

At New Vision Counseling, we know that you are different. We know that your problems are unique, and we refuse to treat you like everyone else. You want to be really heard and listened to. You want to feel connected to your feelings, people close to you, and have hope for the future. To get to that point, you need something simple (but effective) to get good counseling services. You may wonder if now is even a good time to do this or wonder what services are even out there. You may be worried about sickness, have little privacy at home, or have a lot going on.

Finding healing and hope is possible through online counseling. Through our online counseling, you will begin a process of feeling like you. The real and best you. Our counselors are trained in many different areas of mental-health and will understand where you are. You can be confident and rest easy knowing the quality of care that you are receiving. We commit to being there with you and helping you go as far as you want to. We pride ourselves in making real change happen.

We know that because of Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, you are very likely to be more socially isolated than you were previously. You may feel like the mental-health problems you already had are getting worse and you aren’t sure what to do. You my feel like this is a pretty new thing and you aren’t sure if you should reach out. During this unprecedented time, our therapists want to help you. We commit to you getting the help and support you know that you need.

Online Counseling Services with New Vision Counseling

New Vision Counseling is here for you. We want to help. We offer all of our counseling services online. Research shows that people receiving counseling online show just as much improvement in mental-health as people receiving counseling in person, and we want to help you receive the same quality of all of our services online. We offer services for premarital counseling, marriage and relationship counseling, family support, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, trauma, and many others.

With the problems that you are facing today, there is hope and help for you now.

The counseling team at New Vision Counseling offers the following counseling services online:

Begin Online Therapy in Oklahoma

Our therapists are here to help through online counseling.  Here’s how you get started with online therapy (telehealth) in Oklahoma:

Online Counseling Oklahoma City
  • Contact us! We would LOVE to talk to you today about receiving services and help.
  • Start in person or online therapy and begin to have the support and change in your life that you want.

Yes, it really is that simple!

Still have more questions? Visit our blog for FAQ about Telehealth and information! We hope to meet you and help you soon!

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