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Parenting is no easy task, and yet the job remains for a lifetime! With every new developmental stage comes new rewards and new challenges. Just when you think you’ve gained a handle on things, they shake things up and leave you guessing again! If you have multiple children, you are fully aware that no two children are alike.

The role of raising up young men and women to be capable and successful in the world is no easy task. It requires every bit of energy, love, and resolve we can muster. The constant onslaught of new challenges, questions, and experiences is enough to bring us to our knees if we try to face them alone.

We love kids at New Vision Counseling and Consulting and believe they are a gift from God. That said, we are also aware these gifts did not come with a full set of directions! There is so much in the word of God that can help you as you raise your children and we are prepared to help guide you through these truths with the use of cutting-edge counseling techniques. We want to empower you to create an environment and routine where you and your children can thrive!

Let us become a part of your village in raising up strong men and women for God’s kingdom. Call and schedule your first appointment today!


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