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Premarital Counseling

So you’ve popped the question! Or maybe you’re just considering popping the question. Either way, we at New Vision Counseling want to help you navigate this really interesting, but really difficult part of your life. While planning the “BIG DAY” is a monumental event, you may be surprised to know the way you plan and invest in your marriage is even more important! We want to come alongside you and equip you to succeed on your “BIG DAY” and beyond!

Consider how God created marriage to be a permanent covenant for life! And even though we’d like for it to be true, saying “I do” won’t fix any of your current problems in the relationship or in your life. That’s why it’s soooo important to jump into a premarital counseling journey that creates open and honest conversations in a safe environment. It will become a place where we uncover issues that could take you out down the road. We help you address the areas you are currently struggling with and highlight areas to address that may cause issues in the future. We believe that God wants to bless you with an amazing marriage and the devil wants to take you out. We are dedicated to walking with you through this journey and equipping you with the tools and resources to be amazingly successful. We will help you grow into the couple God created you to be and to spot enemy attacks all while growing closer to your soon-to-be husband or wife.

The following story is a testimony from Abby and Daniel, who did premarital counseling with us. They began their journey excited and hopeful about the counseling with the hope that it would forever change their lives and create a marriage that would last a lifetime.

Daniel was initially hesitant because of what he had known in his family. Growing up, he had known only fighting and yelling. To him it seemed like if people fought like his parents then reconciliation was not possible. Abby was excited because she was really hoping that she could have a relationship like her grandparents. In her own home, all she knew from her parents was silence. They eventually divorced in her high school years, and she didn’t even feel like she knew why. Daniel had initially thought that people who wanted to see a counselor had really serious issues or were crazy. But when he actually looked into it, what he found wasn’t crazy people, but smart people. Smart people who see the investment in premarital counseling as something that helps them create a healthy foundation for a better life. Through the process, Daniel realized that he was not bound to follow in his family’s footsteps of fighting and arguing without ever working through their issues.

In counseling, they started building their foundation on God. With their foundation, they each discovered something that had been holding them back. For Daniel, it was his desire to please other people in order to feel good about himself. He learned how to speak up and actually go deeper through issues to resolve them. Something his parents had never done. For Abby, it was her spirit of shame. Through premarital Abby discovered that she had never felt good enough or really loved by her parents. But through this, she was able to discover that God’s love was enough. Truly enough. Through everything we do together, and the deep work of knowing who she was and her real identity, she was able to reveal the issues that led to her parent’s divorce, and walk out of her shame and into the love of God. Abby and Daniel were a joy to work with and their progress was truly amazing! They created a marriage worth fighting for. And through their tears and hard work I believed they had created a marriage that would last a lifetime! Premarital counseling is so much more than getting a discount on a marriage license. It is a time to create a foundation that will change the rest of your life. Through it, it is possible to break generational chains, and set yourself up for generational blessings for you and your future family. You really can have the marriage you’ve dreamed of through real steps and practical strategies. These strategies will help you heal from the pain you have today, and build a better future for tomorrow. Although it isn’t easy, it will help you reveal areas of your life that are the downfall of most marriages. Things like finances, shame-based living, only loving to get instead of give, and so many other things. We will discover these first together, and then go deeper.

We will build something that doesn’t just help right now, but helps forever. So what are you waiting for? We are here for you! Reach out and give us a call or send us an email. Begin your journey today, you and your future marriage are worth investing in! This is the time. We look forward to meeting you soon!


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