The Secret To Overcoming Expectations

The Secret To Overcoming Expectations

Video by Shawn Maguire – Christian Counselor

Hi my name is Shawn Maguire I’m blessed to serve as a Christian Counselor and today I want to open up a door and let you peak in a little bit of how by making a few changes you really can shift the paradigm of the way that you think. For many of us we struggle with something called expectations, and expectations say that life has to be done this way in this box and so that means in any given circumstance we have a very originally clearly defined expectation of what needs to happen for our needs to be met what needs to happen for us to feel safe what needs to happen for us to feel valued and list goes on and on and on and we place these expectations on our spouse on our loved ones our kids even our employer or employees. We place them on vacation because we hope to relax we’re very defined way of relaxing and if the it’s not sunny yet and we’re going to the beach and we get depressed because our expectation wasnt met.  Well let’s see if we can shift degrees a little bit because what if we moved from expectation from this rigid box to something that was called expectancy. Expectancy allows the freedom ofor movement it allows you to have the direction of where you’re going but to allow the freedom for the event circumstances and even the actions of others to change and for you to move and flow along with those changes. What I don’t mean is that you should reduce or do away with the expectation that your spouse should be faithful or that your accountant should cheat you on your taxes and embezzle money or that your kids should be disrespectful that your boss should be able to yell and scream at you. I don’t think they’re certain areas of your life that we need to do away with expectations but I do see so much opportunity to have expectancy. Expectancy allows you to relax to not have to have your hands on the steering wheel so white-knuckle that if things go awry you’re frantically looking to gain control of the bus to can’t get it back on the track that you think will meet all your needs to get you where you want to go. Expectancy allows God to move in your life in various ways if you pray for patience. I doubt God is going to give you a castle on the beach and day after day of walking and allow you to find diamonds everywhere. If you pray for patience God may bring you through a tough season where you need to develop patience by trusting Him. The end result it is even better than what you expected or hoped for but the process was drastically different. Expectancy allows God to move in your life as he wills because He loves you and you believe that. Expectancy allows your kids the freedom to be who they are and  for you to still have expectations on their behavior but expectancy allows their unique personalities to develop without you stressing out because one child is very outgoing and you’re really shine that embarrasses you. I encourage you to consider how expectancy may change your life and then sit down write out the areas of your life that you have expectations rigidly defined in Him and maybe even go further and explain how they’re affecting you negatively maybe even positive and then invite involved expected seeing the equation right expectancy and they go through each of those items and define how expectancy will change when you’re like to see situations the way you experience them and how they may even begin to positively impact your relationships moving forward. Thank you so much for listening I pray that you are as impacted by this discovery as I was when I first learned about the difference and how it can  impact my life. I hope to hear feedback for many of you soon and I know that some of  you soon will be calling set up an appointment and for those of you that do I look forward to seeing you soon.

Shawn Maguire
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