What Should a Christian Aim for in Marital Therapy?

What Should a Christian Aim for in Marital Therapy?

As a Christian, marriage is viewed as a sacred union that unites two people in mutual love, trust, and respect, with God as their foundation. The truth is that every relationship experiences ups and downs, and occasionally it may be necessary to seek expert advice from a marriage counselor. What, then, should a Christian anticipate from marriage counseling?


Prior to starting the healing process for your marriage, it is crucial to find a marriage counselor that has Christian principles and values. A Christian marriage counselor is qualified to comprehend the particular difficulties that Christian couples could have. They offer a secure, nonjudgmental setting where you and your partner may discuss worries and problems that are detrimental to your relationship. Additionally, a faith-based counseling environment can assist weave in Biblical principles and counsel throughout sessions to aid you and your spouse in becoming more spiritually connected to God.


To comprehend one another’s viewpoints and to teach you how to resolve conflicts when they can’t be resolved, your counselor will encourage open dialogue. They will also concentrate on enhancing your marriage’s spiritual foundation, enabling you both to put your confidence and trust in God. It’s simple to focus on what’s wrong when things in relationships go awry rather than taking a moment to involve the Lord in your difficulties. Nevertheless, the best thing you could do for your marriage is to seek healing from the Lord.


Christian marriage counseling places a strong emphasis on the value of forgiving others, confessing one’s sins, and the overwhelming nature of God’s love. Your therapist might advise you to ask for forgiveness from God and one another in order to end old grudges and resentments in your marriage. Counselors can also help you and your partner regain lost trust and increase intimacy in your relationship. A fantastic way to start the healing process and restoring trust is via accountability and prayer.

Christian marriage counseling


If you seek out faith-based counseling, you may anticipate receiving advice that is founded on God’s love and grace. The counselor can concentrate on fostering a deeper spiritual connection between the two of you. You will be prepared to handle the obstacles that life presents you with through prayer, scripture, and the application of therapeutic methods. God is present to guide us through human wants and lay the groundwork for a marriage based on grace and trust because He is aware that we live in a world that has been corrupted by sin.


The Bible outlines God’s perspective on marriage and the roles that each of us is intended to play. Women nurture and encourage their husbands through prayer, and husbands are accountable for leading their wives in the faith. Although these gender roles are less common in today’s culture, they nonetheless have a significant impact on the strength of your marriage. However, I want to remind you that we must cling to the ideas and wisdom of God rather than adopting worldly practices. You can restore your faith and your relationship with your spouse, God, and other people with the aid of a Christian counselor.

Don’t adapt to this world; instead, let the renewal of your mind transform you so that you can discern God’s will for what is right and proper and good (Romans 12:2 ESV).


Christian marriage counseling is not a one-size-fits-all endeavor, it is crucial to keep in mind. Because every couple’s circumstance is different, each counselor will customize their strategy to meet your needs and those of your partner. However, you can save your marriage and create a solid partnership. If you find this message motivating but still require additional advice to mend your marriage, New Vision Counseling and Consulting may be the solution.

To help you improve your marriage and your walk with the Lord, we blend biblical principles with cutting-edge counseling approaches. We have therapists from a variety of backgrounds who will meet you where you are and lead you toward recovery. Although we are a faith-based organization, we wish to provide services that put you at ease regardless of your spirituality or religious beliefs. Our expert therapists are knowledgeable in all aspects of mental health and interpersonal relationships. We are eager to learn about you and work with you to create the marriage of your dreams. Contact our staff by dialing (405) 921-7776.

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